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Strengthen the construction of talent echelon and pay attention to talent cultivation reserve
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In order to strengthen the company's talent echelon construction, improve the company's long-term mechanism of cultivating reserve cadres at all levels, and meet the company's sustainable development needs of discovering, identifying, reserving and retaining talents. On July 3, the competition for cadres in the post of "pre director" organized by the enterprise management office was held in the conference room on the third floor of R & D building.
During the process of competition, 13 "pre supervisors" selected by each department show their work ability and professional level by describing the completion of key work and work highlights in recent year, and show full confidence and determination to the future post.
After the competition, general assistance Yao has interpreted and commented on the current situation of the candidates, their job responsibilities, future development planning and promotion space, and helped us to have a clearer understanding of themselves and their positions. He said that as "pre-director" cadres, they should make clear their post responsibilities, perform their duties actively and establish the sense of responsibility and responsibility; In the work, we should improve our ability of coordination and communication, pay attention to the results of coordination and communication, and learn to use various resources of the company to achieve the goal of work; We should pay attention to team building and talent echelon construction, and implement personnel training awareness into work.
This competition is the opportunity for the company to show talents and the platform for the officers to start businesses. The selected excellent "pre supervisors" will further strengthen the middle-level cadres of the company and lay a solid talent foundation for the development of the company.

Enclosure:Strengthen the construction of talent echelon and pay attention to talent cultivation reserve